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GE Familiarization / Hytorc

Prerequisites for Las Vegas GE Gas Turbine. Must be able to cross border and have a valid passport.

Laser ALignment

Laser Alignment

Time required: 4 hours

The proper use of the Optalign Plus and the correct and efficient way to perform shaft alignments.

Confined spaces

Confined Spaces Hazard Awareness

Time required: 4 hours

Upon completion, participants will be able to identify confined spaces and demonstrate knowledge of legislative requirements and general procedures for confined space entry.

Topics include:

  • Definition of confined space
  • Hazards related to confined spaces
  • Types of dangerous atmospheres
  • Legal requirements
  • Assessment and control options
  • Monitoring strategies
  • Entry permits and procedures

A wallet card will be issued to successful participants.
Please call the office (905-385-2462) if interested.


Forklift Safety

This program helps rough-terrain forklift operators recognize and assess hazards.

Topics include:

  • Basic hydraulics and pre-operational checks
  • Stability and tipping
  • Capacity and load charts
  • Safe operating and load handling procedures
  • Inspection, maintenance, and log books

A wallet card will be issued to participants who successfully complete the program and classroom evaluation.

This safety training program meets the requirements of the MOL guidelines for the safe operation of Powered Lift Trucks and CSA Standard B335-94.


Hoisting and Rigging Basic Safety Training

Time required: 2 days

Upon completion, participants will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of principles relating to safe hoisting and rigging practices in the construction industry.

Modules include:

  • Hoisting and rigging hazards
  • Fibre rope, knots, and hitches
  • Hardware, wire rope, and slings
  • Rigging tools and devices
  • Hazard awareness in crane operations

Full attendance is mandatory. The passing grade is 100% for hand signals, 80% for knots, and 80% for the performance review. Participants must bring their own calculator.

A wallet card will be issued to successful participants.


Powered Elevating Work Platforms

Available as a classroom-based course or an industry-delivered training kit.
Scissor lifts, boom lifts, and other elevating work platforms — self-propelled or push-around — can present major hazards when they are not selected, used, inspected, or maintained properly. This program covers different types of platforms and their applications.

A wallet card will be issued to successful participants.


Working at Heights

Time Required: 8 hours


  • Occupation Health and Safety Act Regulations
  • Full hazard recognition and controls
  • Ladders and similar equipment
  • Introduction to personal fall protection equipment


  • Understanding personal fall protection equipment
  • Anchor points
  • Fall prevention and rescue plans
Overhead crane

Overhead Crane

This overhead training course gives equipment operators a solid foundation in health and safety standard, preventative maintenance and the proper procedures for safely operating overhead cranes.

The program is delivered through multi media presentations and interactive discussions. This program has two components classroom theory and a practical assessment including hands on experience with your overhead crane.