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Reasons to Join

As a union millwright the pay, benefits and working conditions in your union contract are guaranteed. You carry them with you from job to job.

Union millwrights have extended health and welfare benefits provided by their contract. It covers their family too. Dental, prescription drugs, chiropractor and more.

Retirement security is assured. We have a collectively bargained pension plan that our members can count on , controlled by union and employer representatives. Millwrights accrue benefits that build their pension on every job.

The unionized millwright trade is very safe and we have one of the most enviable safety records in the industry. You will get comprehensive training and upgrading in all safety awareness and certifications.

Being a union millwright means having a partnership with your employer and a say in decisions on the job. Your views and skills are respected and you have what you need to get the job done right the first time.

Millwright union Collective agreements emphasize equality and fare treatment and eliminate favouritism and discrimination guaranteeing a respectful workplace.

Union millwrights enjoy 25% more wages and benefits than other. We are highly skilled cross trained professionals and are proud of our abilities.